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Find Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a Place to Volunteer?

******  Click HERE for a list of places that Livermore students volunteer. Feel free to contact them to learn more about volunteer opportunities. ******
  • Saturday, October 6, 9am - 4:15pm
The Girls Scouts Robotics Badge event is scheduled for Saturday Oct 6th. This event is for Junior Girl Scouts in the 4-5th grade. It will be taking place at the Livermore Airport. Seeking both youth and adult volunteers to help run the hands-on small group activities throughout the day. Each youth volunteer will be paired with an adult volunteer to help a group of 5-10 girls work on specific activities throughout the day.  Volunteers can register with NorCal GSA by clicking HERE.   


The websites below will link you to organizations that are seeking volunteers. Most of these sites are searchable by your zip code. Not all volunteer opportunities are for teens, so check carefully with each organization.




  • Volunteer Center of the East Bay - Official website of the Alameda County’s Volunteer Center. Click on Search for Opportunities to search by zip code. For a more detailed search, free signup is required.


  • Volunteer Solutions - This site is a matching service that helps connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their community. You can search for opportunities based on your interests, skills, and geographic location.


  • Volunteer Match - a service of the nonprofit organization ImpactOnline, is a database that lists thousands of one-time and longer term volunteer opportunities that are categorized by zip code, category, and date. There are three different pages to perform a search, each asking for slightly different information. One then signs up for email to receive messages of opportunities from selected organizations.