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Find Volunteer Opportunities

Specific Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer once/wk after school tutoring kids at Jackson Ave Elementary's Homework Club. Click here for details and application instructions.


On-Going Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Volunteer for LARPD (Livermore Area Recreation and Park District) - With assistance from volunteers, it is possible for LARPD to provide recreation programs that will stimulate, educate, and enrich the lives of our community.  LARPD is looking for a variety of volunteers from the ages of 13 years old and up. By volunteering with LARPD, you will work in a fun, family atmosphere in recreational activities and special events. Your smile and friendly service will make the difference in someone's life!  Visit to find out how you can apply to volunteer.


  • Reins in Motion - Reins In Motion is a volunteer organization. Horse experience is helpful but those who are comfortable around horses and love working with kids can be used as side walkers.  Most of our volunteers help out with lessons. They groom the horses and tack them up. Volunteers need to be at least 16 years of age in order to help with clients in the arena, but our volunteers range in age from 13-78. Those with a lot of horse experience and capable of tacking and grooming the horse may help with this. It is helpful if you are familiar with horses, but not necessary. Visit for information.
  • The Open Heart Kitchen (OHK) is a non-profit meal service dedicated to providing nutritious prepared food to those in need, without qualification, in Livermore, Dublin and Pleasanton. Through three programs, OHK addresses the hunger issues of children, seniors, families and individuals.
    • If 16 or older, there are no limitations.
    • If 14 or 15, you are not allowed to serve but there are plenty of other areas to volunteer.
    • If under 14, you must come with an adult.
    To volunteer, please go to the Volunteer Registration page at


  • Tri-Valley Haven - Teenagers 13 years of age and older are welcomed with open arms at the Haven. Even though they don't work directly with our clients, there are many opportunities for them to contribute, from helping in the office, or at the food pantry, or by volunteering for special events, such as fundraisers, car washes, and supply drives. Some jobs, such as helping with childcare, require the supervision of an adult.  People interested in volunteering at Tri-Valley Haven should contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (925) 449-5845, ext. 2711, or via email at the Volunteer Coordinator's email address by clicking this link.  Or, visit to download a teen volunteer application.


  • Livermore READ Project -- The Livermore READ Project is the adult literacy program of the Livermore Public Library. We train volunteer tutors to help adults with basic literacy skills. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, must have at least two hours of time each week to volunteer and must make a 6 month commitment to the program. Contact  Literacy Coordinator @ (925) 373-5507 or email


  • Veterans Administration -- Anyone under the age of 19 is eligible to work as a student volunteer with VA. In addition, the James H. Parke Memorial Youth Scholarship Award provides scholarships to exceptional student volunteers. We are looking for individuals to make and serve coffee, cookies and some cheer to veterans in extended care on mornings at approximately 8 AM. We serve smiles and coffee to veterans that are not ambulatory. These individuals have some amazing stories to tell - get a taste of history first hand - and they love company. The most important qualities our volunteers have are reliability and dependability. We also appreciate smiles, patience, and flexibility. Volunteers are needed on weekdays and weekends. If you are interested in volunteering please visit the website.


  • Livermore Heritage Guild -- The Livermore Heritage Guild ( in a non profit organization concerned with historic preservation of cultural resources within the city of Livermore.  We have recently entered into contract with the City of Livermore to be property stewards for Hagemann Ranch.  The ranch, located at 455 Olivina Way,  is on the order of 5 acres with a farm house and several barns/ag buildings. It is on the National Historic Register with over 100 years of prominence -- truly a special place.   Eventually the City will be contracting with organizations to bring adaptive riding and gardening opportunities  for special needs kids in our community back to the ranch. Volunteer information here.



The websites below will link you to organizations that are seeking volunteers. Most of these sites are searchable by your zip code. Not all volunteer opportunities are for teens, so check carefully with each organization.




  • Volunteer Center of the East Bay - Official website of the Alameda County’s Volunteer Center. Click on Search for Opportunities to search by zip code. For a more detailed search, free signup is required.


  • Volunteer Solutions - This site is a matching service that helps connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their community. You can search for opportunities based on your interests, skills, and geographic location.


  • Volunteer Match - a service of the nonprofit organization ImpactOnline, is a database that lists thousands of one-time and longer term volunteer opportunities that are categorized by zip code, category, and date. There are three different pages to perform a search, each asking for slightly different information. One then signs up for email to receive messages of opportunities from selected organizations.