Livermore High School

Transit Pass Pilot


Important 2018-2019 Bus Pass Information!

Student Transit Pass Pilot Program



  •  All eligible students as described in these protocols may receive a free LAVTA bus pass, valid for unlimited travel on Wheels bus service.
  •  Passes will be in the form of a Clipper Card assigned to the eligible student.
  •  Students must tag the Clipper Card on the card reader upon entering any LAVTA bus, and must provide the Clipper Card and student ID card to LAVTA personnel upon request.


For the 2018-19 school year, all full-time students registered attending Del Valle or Livermore High Schools or Christensen or East Avenue Middle Schools in Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) are eligible to participate in the Student Transit Pass Pilot. Participants will be required to affirm their eligibility to participate in the program through the registration process described below. To participate, students also must have in their possession a valid student ID card provided by their school. The school is responsible for ensuring that students have valid student ID cards in advance of participating in the Student Transit Pass Pilot, and verifying enrollment at the school.


Registration, Consent, and Release Form

To participate in the Student Transit Pass Pilot program and receive a transit pass, students must first complete the registration, consent, and release form (“registration form”, Attachment A) and have a parent or legal guardian sign it if the student is under the age of 18. Upon submission of a complete, signed registration form to the School Site Administrator, students are considered registered and will be able to receive a pass. Students will only need to register once for the pilot program to allow them to receive a pass at any time during the three-year pilot period while still registered at a participating school.

The registration form provides a parent or guardian’s consent for the student to participate in the program if the student is under the age of 18. By signing the form, a participant and his or her parent/guardian agree to furnish basic information about the participant and agree that information about pass usage can be provided to the Program Team Contact for evaluation of the pilot program only. Participants also agree to complete and submit surveys about their transit trips and acknowledge that Alameda CTC may use participants’ personally identifiable information to investigate possible fraud or misuse of the transit pass.

All personally identifiable information for participants will only be accessed by the School Site Administrator and Program Team members involved in program implementation. All Program Team members have signed a Student Confidentiality Agreement/Non-disclosure Form that is on file at Alameda CTC. All student information will be kept on a secure, password-protected server at Alameda CTC and transmitted through a secure web portal to the transit operator for the sole purposes of creating and issuing a transit pass.

The original signed copies of all registration forms must be retained by the School Site Administrator.

Registration Process

To maximize access to transit passes and minimize the administrative burden, students are strongly encouraged to register at orientation at the beginning of the school year. All registration forms gathered at orientation should be provided to the Program Team Contact by August 21 to allow for entry of the data and the first batch of Clipper Cards to be ordered.

Students will be allowed to register at any time throughout the school year. For registration forms received after orientation (any time after August 21), the school site administrator will review the form, confirm enrollment at the school, confirm its completion and signature, and enter the relevant information into an online enrollment form. New passes will be issued on a monthly basis throughout the school year to all students who have registered during the prior month. Generally, enrollment forms received by the 20th of each month will be processed and new cards delivered by the 1st of the following month.