Livermore High School


The following is a list of those who contributed to the newspaper these year over the course of all three trimesters: 



Allison McDaniel


Managing Editor

Raina Jiang


Section Editors

Garrett Almeida (Cowboy Life, Tech Time)

Ally Benko (Sports)

Megan Carpenter (Cowboy Life)

Mary Rosary Flauta (Arts and Entertainment)

Kajol Maheshwari (Sports)

Estefania Perez Medina (Tech Time)

Kylie Miller (Galleria)

Thuyvi Pham (Opinions)

Samantha Singh (Galleria)

Mariana Zuluaga (Vida Vaquera)


Advertising Director

Thuyvi Pham


Art Director

Kylie Miller


Multimedia Coordinator

Kylie Miller


Web Designer

Allison McDaniel 


Staff Writers

Griffin Bateson

Maya Burnell

Joshua Davisson

Alex Furtado

Cassidy Herberth

Rebecca Robison

Jessica Stahl


Breaking News Correspondent

Rebecca Robison


Clubs and Events Coordinator

Alex Furtado


Staff Artist

Sara Jackson

Madison McKnight

Annie Tran 



Lydia Sarraille 

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