Livermore High School

Dance Policy

School dances are school functions, and as such, students are expected to dress and behave in ways that are appropriate for the school setting.  LHS dress code will be enforced, and for Junior Prom and Senior Ball dressy or formal attire is required.  Additionally, the following policy for dancing will be in effect:

1.     No inappropriate or suggestive dancing will be allowed.

2.     No bending over or squatting down to the floor.

3.     All students must be upright at all times.

4.     All students subject to breathalyzer before entrance into the dance.

All students entering the dance must show their school ID card. If a student violates the dance policy, an administrator will take their school ID card. If a student violates the dance policy a second time, he/she will be immediately removed from the dance, without refund, and his/her parents will be notified. School personnel will make the final decision concerning appropriate dancing.


Thank you,

LHS Administration