Livermore High School

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

LHS Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum in a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of all students.




LHS Vision Statement



We envision LHS as a safe, happy, and supportive learning community in which:


  • literacy, critical thinking, innovation, and responsibility are emphasized;


  • diversity of thought, expression, and culture is valued; and


  • students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members are committed to helping all students to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and perseverance required to contribute and thrive in a rapidly changing world.





LHS Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

LHS graduates will possess the following knowledge and skills needed for LIFE:


  1. Literacy and Critical Thinking
  • Skill in reading, writing, numeracy, and the clear and logical expression of ideas and opinions in a wide variety of formats to function at home and in college, the workplace, and social settings


  • Depth of knowledge in and across the content areas of English, social science, math, science, art, business, world languages/multi-culturalism, and visual and performing arts to participate as educated members of our global society and to achieve post-high school education and career goals


  • Information processing and analytical skills to become life-long learners and informed decision makers in a diversity of contexts



  1. Innovation:
  • Skill in understanding complex problems, recognizing new opportunities, and combining knowledge of dissimilar concepts to create new perspectives to improve efficiency and effectiveness at home and in the workplace


  • Technological knowledge required to comfortably adapt to current and new technologies that provide access to, and tools for managing, increasingly large quantities of information




  1. Fitness:
  • Physical fitness, health, and consumer knowledge and skills to live a physically healthy life



  • Active listening, reciprocal communication, and collaboration skills needed to build and maintain the relationships required for one’s social wellness


  • Commitment, determination, and resilience skills to maintain a strong work ethic, overcome road blocks, and thrive as an emotionally healthy being


  1. Ethics:
  • Principles, values, and dictates of conscience for functioning responsibly, ethically, and honorably when carrying out personal, social, and civic responsibilities




















  • Results of school, district, and state academic assessments
  • Results of the EAP for ELA and math
  • Classroom formative/summative assessment results of real-life academic challenges . . .
  • Results of district writing benchmarks
  • Results of the CAASPP writing performance task
  • Results of the EAP for ELA
  • Student and club community service hours
  • Condition of the campus
  • Student referral and suspension rates
  • Results of the Fitness Gram
  • Pass rate for Health