Livermore High School

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Advanced Placement Program® (AP®)

Try out college-level work, master valuable skills, and, with satisfactory grades, maybe even receive college credit. More than 3,000 higher education institutions award credit based on satisfactory AP Exam grades. Learn more about the AP Program.

Honors/Advanced Placement Courses(AP)


Each AP exam is $100 if you register in person at the student window (cash/check/credit card) or via the webstore. 


Please submit the 2018 AP Registration Form no later than 6pm on March 14th.


AP exams will be administered at the LJVUSD Adult School (with a few exceptions). More information will be provided at a later date.


For exam dates and times, click on 2018 AP EXAM SCHEDULE.


*A Fee Reduction Form is available from VP Mohammed or Counselor Mattimore and is subject to approval (based on need, ie. Free/Reduced Lunch). 


If you have any questions, please see VP Mohammed or Counselor Mattimore.



College-level courses taught in high school on a variety of subjects, for students who want to challenge themselves.  All who are eager for a challenge are encouraged to try.

* Earn college credit

* Bypass basic classes in college 

* Challenge yourself

* Gain a competitive edge

* Save on college tuition

* Boost your GPA 

* Improve critical thinking

* Interact with stimulating peers

* Elevate your college entrance standing


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LHS AP Coordinators, Teachers and Course Offerings


AP Coordinator:
Roxana Mohammed     Vice Principal
Rita Mattimore              Counselor
AP Courses and Teachers:
AP Studio Art—Ms. Marion Borst 
AP Biology—Dr. Megan Faliero 
AP Calculus A/B— TBD 
AP Calculus B/C -- TBD
AP Computer Science - Mr. Tom Curl 
AP Chemistry—Ms. Kathy Hallenbeck 
AP Microeconomics—Mr. Kip Wood 
AP Macroeconomics - Mr. Kip Wood
AP English Language Composition (Juniors)—TBD
AP English Literature (Seniors)— Mr. Mark Cabasino 
AP Environmental Science—Mr. Steven Giles 
AP Human Geography - Ms. Jennifer Ackerman
AP Latin - Ms. Mary Kaye Brown
AP Spanish Lit. (Seniors) —Ms. Diana Barakzoy
AP Spanish Lang. (Juniors) - Ms. Diana Barakzoy
AP United States History— Mr. Steve Syth 
AP US Government—Ms. Christine Greer
AP Physics Mechanics C - TBD 
AP Psychology -- Ms. Dawn Matthews 
AP Statistics -- Mr. Chris Dolan 
AP World History - Mr. Kip Wood