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Here is a suggested list of items you should consider to help make this a great and productive Freshman year and to help position yourself for a successful high school career.  Please fee free to discuss your plan of action with your Academic Guidance Counselor.



Re-evaluate your high school course selection to make sure it meets the requirements of your post-high school goals/plans. Parents discuss, review and approve course selection.
Meet with your Academic Guidance Counselor to review and discuss graduation requirements and post-high school plans.
Visit and become familiar with the professionals, resources and services available in the Career Center, which include information about; career and college exploration, other post-high school opportunities, financial aid, scholarships, job shadowing and ROP courses (11th 12th).
·        Remain focused in the development and practice of organization and prioritization skills by utilizing a school planner or other effective planning tool. Schoolloop is a great resource for both students and parents, but should not take the place of a student learning the life skill of effective planning. Both tools utilized together will lessen student stress and afford a strong foundation for academic success.
·        Be on time to school and to every class.
·        If you are absent, explore options to make-up schoolwork.
·        Complete any an all extra credit whenever possible.
·        Plan, prepare and study for upcoming quizzes and tests. Use your planner to note whenever an upcoming exam is announced, then back-up in the planner and note “study for test” on those dates preceding the test date. At the high school level, studying for quizzes and exams is in addition to your assigned homework and projects.
·        Establish and maintain a clean and organized backpack, as this will lessen stress caused by not being able to locate and submit completed work or assignments that may still need attention. Make sure to place everything you need in the backpack the night before school if possible.
·        Initiate and strengthen an open and positive communication style with all teachers, making sure to ask for clarification and extra help when needed. Whatever your post-high school plans, effective communication is a life skill that will afford you a more successful and enjoyable future.
·        Be “in the know” about your academic standing at all times in all of your classes. You need to understand what your grades are and why. It is also necessary and beneficial to have a clear understanding of those areas that may be in need of improvement. Knowledge is empowering and taking ownership of your education will ultimately contribute to a healthy grade point average (GPA) and a rewarding high school experience.
·        It’s okay to not yet be certain of what you wish to do after high school, but it is time to learn more about yourself and personal interests, as this will help guide you in your high school course selections and other life opportunities. Utilize the LHS Career Center’s Personality/Interest Skills assessments to get you started on your journey.
·        Keep informed about upcoming college and career-related guest speakers and events courtesy of the LHS Career Center.
·        If pursuing a 4-year college plan, make sure you are aware of and understand the course (A-G) and testing requirements (ACT/SAT) required for application and admissions processes. Note the differences in LHS Graduation Requirements versus college admissions in some specific content areas. See your Academic Guidance Counselor for any clarification.
·        Be courageous and ask for HELP! If you’re struggling with academic or personal concerns, ask an adult for help. It’s better to ask for support earlier rather than later. Let the adults help you, so that you can stay focused on your job, which is being a successful high school student.
·        Enjoy yourself and have some fun in the Livermore High School Community! We’re glad you’ve joined us!