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Here is a list of activities to consider to put yourself in a good position going into your upper class years of high school.  Stay on track for graduation and post high plans, or have a plan to get on track.  Meet with your academic guidance counselor if you need help with an individual plan or if you have any questions.

Evaluate your high school course selection to make sure it meets the requirements for graduation and your post-high school goals/plans. Parents discuss, review and approve course selection.
Meet with your Academic Guidance Counselor to discuss and review graduation requirements and post-high school plans.
o       If pursuing a 4 year college plan, make sure you are aware of the course (A-G) and testing requirements (ACT/SAT) for application and program admissions.
o        Plan to complete most academic requirements by your Junior year.
Visit the Career Center to explore career, college choices other post-high school options.  
·        Choose courses that challenge and prepare you for your post-high school goals. Discuss your course selection with your parents and your Academic Guidance Counselor.
·        Strive to achieve the best GPA possible. This will keep many options open as you make decisions about life after high school.
·        Develop responsibility skills (time management, organization, meeting deadlines, completing assignments).
o       Use your school planner and pay close attention to dates and deadlines.
o       Keep your schedule and LIFE BALANCED by staying organized and not over committing.
o       Please see your Academic Guidance Counselor if you need help in any of these areas or are facing other challenges.
·        Stay connected through School Loop!
o       Verify your class assignments, projects, scheduled quizzes and tests and overall class progress. Be responsible for your academic progress. Stay on top of it!
·        Communicate with your teachers if you need clarification or help.
o       Check the Daily Gram and School Loop Home page for school events.
o       Visit your Academic Guidance Counselor’s Individual Website and the Guidance Counselor Website for information, dates, deadlines and contact information.
o       Visit the Career Center’s website for dates and deadlines for tests, events and guest speakers.
·        Get involved in extracurricular activities and community service. This will help you build a high school resume, develop skills and gain knowledge that will benefit you in the future.
·        Take advantage of Personality/Interest Skills assessments available through the LHS Career Center.
·        Attend College and Job Fairs to meet representatives and research post-high school options.
·        Attend meetings and events hosted in the Career Center with College and Career-related guest speakers and representatives. 
·        Consider taking the PSAT in October. Discuss the PSAT with your Academic Guidance Counselor or the Career Center. Visit for more test information
o       Note: research shows that students who take the PSAT score higher on the SAT compared to students who only take the SAT.
·        Athletes – review NCAA/NAIA requirements. (  
·        Attend College fairs and Career events held in the area. Visit college campuses (while they are in session), technical schools, and/or military recruiting offices in the spring/summer.
·        Any class re-takes should be completed the summer following failing a class. This will allow you to be prepared to advance to the next level and keep you on track for graduation.
o       See your Academic Guidance Counselor if you have any questions about which courses you need to re-take.
·        Participate in Summer job shadowing/internships/volunteer programs. Visit the Career Center for more information.